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we do the best outsourced software

development in the industry

We work at the nexus of smart devices, big data collection and analysis.

We focus on our customers newest, most challenging projects. Unlike most contract firms who help with legacy maintenance and QA, we extend the front edge of your development roadmap, allowing you to accelerate strategic tasks that are critical, but you simply don’t have the spare top talent to take them on.

We solve difficult problems and make your product work right the first time.

We know you don’t have all the answers. We own the problem and figure it out together

Who we are

Great Software Developers

(and we’re fun to work with too)

We believe that software development gets done best when top talent works in small teams directly with clients in long term relationships

We work well with limited direction. We provide development, design, architecture, project management, whatever it takes to be successful.

We are experts in the latest technologies like Ruby, Java/Groovy, Javascript/Node, iOS, Android to name a few. We work in your time zone, with Scrum and Lean Agile development methodologies. We come up to speed rapidly

Eric Miller

Eric L Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Eric has over 25 years experience in senior leadership roles at a variety of technology companies and over a dozen years leading large software development organizations. SCV grew from his frustration with existing software contracting models and belief that there is a better way.

JP Saraceno

JP Saraceno

VP of Development

JP has managed large engineering teams for over a decade, yet never stopped coding himself. He is highly successful at creating and maintaining a culture that promotes best practices, strong client communication, continuous learning, and attracts the best and most seasoned developers.

Did we mention great people?

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Clean tech

We have strong ties to cleantech

building some of the most challenging

and strategic products in the space.

Specific Projects Include:

  • Mobile application development for remote thermostat control and energy management
  • Advanced appliance status and health detection
  • Specialized integrations between data collection systems, home gateways, AMI networks, data analytic platforms, and smart devices
  • Back end operations systems for delivering solar energy and other home energy products
  • Specialized analytic dashboards for real time, mission critical operations and trading data.

Medical tech

We have the right skills for your

medical device software project

We are proud to launch our first medical application, eyeType, that uses sophisticated eye movement tracking technology to allow people who are severely physically disabled due to stroke or other injury to create messages and communicate via email.

We are highly experienced at constructing systems that include remote data collection and control, real time analytics and alerts, and interaction on a variety of mobile and web platforms simultaneously.

We understand that not only is innovative technology, scalability, and reliability needed for medical devices and analytics, but there are regulatory requirements that simply must be followed at the deepest level of the application

Our staff is highly trained, often with graduate level education. Medical systems, sophisticated algorithms and terminology are not new to us.

Work with us

We have some of the coolest

software jobs in Baires

Work with us and you'll receive extensive training in some of the hottest, fastest growing global industries like Cleantech and Medical Device Software.

You will get to work in an agile development environment with leading technologies.

Interested? Tell us about yourself if you'd like to join our team.

Or, if you want to know us better, you can attend to one of our many events. We organize dojos, courses and code contests frequently.

Check us out on facebook, twitter, github, or send us an email to stay updated on our activity.

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