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We are a group of seasoned software engineering experts specialized in custom development of complex products such as IoT integrations, energy focused analytics, device management cloud platforms and rich web applications. Our development teams essentially mimic in-house software development teams only with considerably more stability and less personnel turnover. We are able to add value on all aspects of core custom software development including contributing to product definition and design, taking care of QA and release management, optimizing your delivery process and helping you build an agile culture for your organization

Modern web-based systems must stay in constant contact with a diverse set of devices, mobile applications, and dashboards. As the data they manage grow in size and complexity, that requries responsive, scalable, and fault tolerant APIs and powerful, easy to use and compelling user interfaces. We have extensive experience building such platforms and have pioneered both micro-services and serverless approaches for back ends as well as component based, responsive RIAs for the front end.

Building successful connected devices requires a new combination of skills that cross traditional boundaries. We have deep expertise in graphic and UI design, system architecture, hardware design, firmware, mobile apps, and cloud systems. We also have worked with the very specifics of the different networking protocols that make IoT possible, and even helped define some of those standards. All those skills allow us to bring hardware to life in the connected world.

Mobile apps have become the primary gateway and interface for almost all connected devices. Intuitive and fun UI, compelling graphic design, high performance and reliability are table stakes for commercially successful products. We specialize in the unique requirements of these demanding applications. We also have the needed skills to help you effectively deliver your application to the end users and keep them at pace with an ever-evolving ecosystem of new devices, features and UX paradigms.

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Meet our team. Seasoned professionals averaging 10 years of experience bringing quality and innovation to software products. Our high standards go beyond just technical chops: we are proud of being fun people, good communicators and great to work with.